Tell us about your business?

We are a boutique aviation sales and acquisitions company based in London, UK with contacts and clients throughout the globe.  Our business is based on transparency and clarity with fixed, simple and easy budgeting for sellers and buyers. To this end, we have created a unique and straight forward 1-2-3% commission structure of charges for all transactions on a no upfront fees and a no sale, no fee basis with a guarantee of the best ethical practices.

What is your role? Andrew Hoy – CEO & Founder 

What are the business’ highlights?

Our philosophy is built on an in-depth knowledge of the global business aviation market and a clear understanding of what clients are looking for from their sales agent when the time comes to trade, sell or buy.  Our ethos was born from owner and CEO, Andrew Hoy’s experience, gained over the last 20 years, spent purely within business aviation. Years of proficiency in business aircraft sales, VIP charter, aircraft management, directing operations globally and as a professional pilot on several different business jet aircraft and helicopter types.

You can trust Affinity to be there with the client throughout each sale or acquisition and to follow each through personally, from the start of a project to the final delivery.   

How did you show resilience in the pandemic?

At Affinity, all employees are also stakeholders; they are driven, passionate and proud to be part of the team so we were in the fortunate position to be able to work together to cut costs and keep the company running smoothly.  The social template of the industry changed to a much more digital one, which we simply adapted to. Things did, of course, get a lot quieter for a time. 

Why have you joined BBGA?  We are a UK based Aviation company and the BBGA’s function is to support, protect and promote the growth and well-being of a profitable General and Business Aviation industry in Britain.  We believe the membership is important to keep up to date with any developments in the industry and is a great support for keeping up with the UK business aviation community.