Osprey Flight Solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership with WINGX, a technology-driven market intelligence provider to the global aviation industry, to further strengthen the capabilities and datasets within Osprey:Open for business, cargo and commercial operators.

In addition to the current datasets within Osprey:Open, including live-time updates on Covid-19 and its impact on daily operations, the new datasets provided by intelligence from WINGX will enable operators to see updates and view current trends for business, scheduled and cargo flight departures, by country, for anywhere in the world.

Commenting on the new partnership, Bruce Norfolk, Chief Commercial Officer at Osprey, said:

Osprey:Open launched in March this year, and the concept behind the platform was to enable a cross-industry improvement in risk management. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, we have continually developed :Open and added new updates and features in response to the global pandemic. We are delighted to announce the new partnership with WINGX and would like to express our thanks to the team for taking such an important role in enabling the platform to deliver further crucial data to the industry during this particularly challenging time.

Richard Koe, Managing Director at WINGX, added:

WINGX is tracking the day to day evolution of global flight activity operated by business jets, cargo aircraft and scheduled services as the Covid-19 crisis evolves. Our purpose is to capture and analyse the market impact of changes in utilisation, and relate that to the local perspective of our customers across the aerospace supply chain through our portfolio of tailored interactive dashboards. Through our collaboration with Osprey, WINGX will provide free access to all those wishing to keep track of the high level trends in flight activity in every country worldwide.

Accessible global risk information for all

Osprey:Open is an easy to access, user-friendly, individual-user based platform that provides a base level of security data and information for anywhere in the world. For the first time, comprehensive data on the types of incident or environment that have a daily impact on operations is instantaneously available, making Osprey:Open the most capable platform for supporting security risk management in the aviation industry.

Covid-19 updates to Osprey:Open

Osprey:Open has undergone significant developments over the past weeks and months in order to support the industry during the global pandemic. The Covid-19 datasets are updated as near live time as possible, keeping you absolutely up-to-date as the situation changes.

The recently added Osprey:Open datasets include:

  • Covid-19 pandemic data – cases and deaths
  • Covid-19 travel restrictions by country
  • Covid-19 NOTAMs for airspace and airports
  • Covid-19 aviation biosecurity by country
  • Covid-19 “Change Report” by country

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Setting the standard for aviation risk analysis

Founded in 2017, Osprey fused real-time information, technology and industry leading expertise to deliver the most advanced aviation risk analysis available anywhere. Our revolutionary data-driven approach provides instant situational intelligence to power dynamic decision making. Being able to see, understand and react to threats as they emerge sets a new standard for ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew and aircraft. Because risk isn’t static in a fast-moving, turbulent world. Find out more at


From online analytics dashboards to offline consulting, WINGX aims to provide the industry-leading decision-making tools for executives across the aviation supply chain. WINGX customers include aircraft operators (cargo, airlines, business, medical, logistics) as well as airframe, engine and avionics OEMs, airlines, maintenance providers, airports, fixed base operators, fuel providers, legal advisors, leasing companies, banks, regulators, investors and private jet users.

WINGX is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and also in Geneva, Switzerland. Find out more at

WingX Activity Report for UK Biz Av to 18th May

Please find link button to the latest WingX Activity Report and separate aircraft segment departures graphs.

Business aviation (business jet and turboprop) activity in the UK is 55% below normal trends for the period. Since the trough in activity in mid-April, average daily activity has picked up by 15%.


Harrods Aviation are proud to announce that following a temporary closure to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff, all business units have successfully reopened. This includes the FBO’s at Luton and Stansted, engineering at each base as well as the helicopter management and charter service Air Harrods.

Paul Norton, Managing Director commented, “ Since the easing in the lockdown scenario here in the UK it has been pleasing to see so many customers returning to our facilities, their trust, understanding and loyalty at these difficult times cannot be praised higher. We have been quite surprised at the number of bookings we have taken from both regular and new operators, especially those operating smaller air taxi type aircraft. The lack of clarity on the 14 day quarantine continues to hinder our long range business and I look for certainty on this subject in the coming days.’

Commenting on the staffing situation and a change to ‘the new normal’, Kerry Besgrove , Operations Director said “Staff continue to respond well to the challenges and have adapted well to our new stringent cleaning regime and temperature checks before anybody can enter our buildings. We recently published a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure all visitors and staff can feel safe in our facilities, whilst this additional work has changed the way in which we work, I have been impressed with the flexibility and willingness of my great team to adapt. There are inevitably challenges that we face, not least of which is finding hotel accommodation for crews. However we have now successfully sourced several options for crew at both bases. Covid-19 adapted Ground transportation is also available.”

Due to the fact that Harrods Aviation operate and own all equipment required to handle any size of aircraft, we are not restricted by third party availability. The only third party service we have actively looked to outsource has been aircraft cleaning and sanitisation. We have expert, qualified teams on standby for every request in this very specialised and currently important service.

# # #

Harrods Aviation is the leading London-based business aviation service provider and offers high quality FBO services at London Luton and Stansted airports.

Both bases have fully equipped hangars for aircraft maintenance and engineering. For all media enquires please contact:

Will Holroyd, Sales & Marketing Director, +44 (0)7825 386 841.

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Chay White – Manager Aircraft Management Sales

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