Tell us about your business?
We are a private aircraft charter organisation that specialises (but is not limited to) charter / touring solutions for the music and entertainment sectors. Rather unique is that Equinox Charter runs alongside Equinox Travel, our sister company, that has also just launched. The intention is that both sides of the business will work in unison, providing ‘complete’ travel solutions for our clients, combining commercial flying, private flying, train and ground transportation without the need to look beyond the Equinox team.

What is your role?
I am the Managing Director so will be at the helm of Equinox Charter. I will oversee daily operations, sales, management of our key accounts, oversee safety, plus no doubt – much more!

What are the business’ highlights?
Our unique proposition. As highlighted above, we’re a rare company offering private aircraft charter and commercial travel under one roof. We look forward to serving our clients and demonstrating how this streamlined approach to booking their entertainment travel makes sense for a number of reasons.
Experience. Our senior team offers many years of experience and expertise in travel and touring for the sector we serve.
Safety and Service. Our ethos is to provide an exceptional service and to ensure our suppliers do too each and every time our clients charter with us. Safety is a priority for many of our clients, as they take care to protect their own clients – so we must in turn make it an
absolute priority and demonstrate this daily.

How did you show resilience in the pandemic?
The business was not formed during the pandemic however have carefully considered our market and our own strategy as the pandemic seems to be losing its grasp on the world. We are anticipating global recovery across the live music & events sector, as well as with film production and major sporting events and with this, we are primed and ready to serve our clients in a way that they deserve.

Why have you joined BBGA?
We are looking forward to integrating with the Business Aviation community, being active and ‘present’ when it comes to the relationships we hold across the industry. Becoming part of the BBGA and EBAA enables us to do so. We of course welcome the networking events and opportunity to communicate with fellow industry professionals and believe this to be an important step in our eventual success. It is great to see the EBAA/BBGA stance on sustainable aviation and already, talking to the team there in setting up of our own commitments, the ability to listen to informed viewpoints on the subject, has proven to be invaluable.