What Does the BBGA Do?

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  • We have a strong relationship with EBAA and share resources to tackle many of the important issues that affect our industry. 
  • BBGA sits on a wide range of relevant Committees and Bodies at both national and European level (plus affiliations in other countries) in order to monitor and influence those policies which affect General Aviation.
  • BBGA supports and promotes the growth and well-being of a profitable Business and General Aviation industry .
  • BBGA ensures that Business and General Aviation’s importance is fully understood and appreciated by the public, local and central government 

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BBGA reacts to problems as they arise or are about to arise and campaigns to change such situations to the benefit of the industry. BBGA also takes a proactive stance and campaigns for the introduction of new procedures should that be beneficial to the industry. A list of current campaigns is available from the BBGA Office.

Consultations on Industry Topics

BBGA has strong positive and active relationships with UK Government, other trade associations, UK CAA, EASA and Brussels and therefore we are able to consult with them on the following industry topics:- 

●  Aviation Fuel Duty

●  UK Border Force charges

●  Airport Passenger Duty

●  Ground Operations Standards,

●  UK Government funding for general aviation apprenticeships

●  CAA General Aviation Division, Flight Time Limitations

●  VAT

●  EASA Pilot Training

●  Illegal Charter Operations

●  Technical Standards Harmonisation Across Europe

●  Safety Management Systems


Through its membership of workgroup, committees and bodies and through its natural vigilance in the General Aviation world, BBGA monitors changes in legislation and in the marketplace.

BBGA Relationships and Workgroups
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BBGA Relationships Explained – flowchart
UK Interests Represented
  • Access to the global resources outside UK of IBAC, NBAA, ECOGAS, SSCC, EBAA, AOPA, BHA – in all of which BBGA is a strong and active partner standing up for the industry and UK interests in particular on the world stage.
  • A well-funded and truly active trade association based in UK, focussed on issues important to UK industry and business is the pragmatic way of getting the best possible results for UK businesses.
  • UK interests are more immediately served  from London than from Brussels.
  • BBGA seeks to promote the industry by supporting the General Aviation Awareness Council in conjunction with other aviation organisations.
  • BBGA supports relevant Trade Shows and Exhibitions.
  • BBGA conducts a number of surveys on a range of General Aviation subjects.
  • The Association, through its experts, helps interpret new legislation, including European legislation and advises members accordingly.

“ExecuJet values the important role BBGA plays in the industry and the strong relationships it has forged with the regulators. Attending the BBGA events within my Aircraft Management role has been insightful, whilst providing opportunities to have fruitful exchanges with other Aviation Professionals.”

Chay White – Manager Aircraft Management Sales

ExecuJet Europe
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