The leading PPE distributor combines effective protection and sustainable values with a new recycling operation for the Aviation sector

ShieldWear expands personal protective equipment operations from distributor to recycling solutions provider, enhancing its marketing-leading footprint with a carbon-neutral one by launching a UK-based PPE recycling solution for the UK and Ireland.

Globally we are using 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves of PPE every month in response to COVID-19. According to the action group Waste Free Oceans, it can take 450 years to decompose in nature. With more than eight million entering oceans annually- ultimately threatening the ecosystems of marine wildlife. Whilst such masks have been considered non-recyclable, ShieldWear is a market-leading PPE Recycling provider, helping to repurpose PPE waste.

Businesses can now access ShieldWear’s Recycling scheme to buy a PPE Bin (which can store up to 3000 masks) or Pallet Boxes, for larger companies. Once full, collection bins are taken away and recycled masks will be processed. After a minimum 72-hour quarantine period, an average of 7,500 recycled masks is washed, shredded, and mixed with other waste plastic and heated to 200+ degrees Celsius, and pressed in durable 30kg boards to become solid sheets of recycled plastic. These go on to become refashioned into products ranging from other safety materials for businesses to building materials and furniture.

ShieldWear, an established  PPE distributor and recycling supplier, provides an end-to-end solution for business’ PPE needs. The recycling branch of the operations is available to all businesses in the UK and Ireland to provide disposable PPE waste recycling bins for your business and employees.
With PPE widely accessible, the hope is that the sustainable discarding of it is just as accessible. ShieldWear Recycling provides an easy way for individuals and businesses to safely dispose of used PPE while enabling them to do their part for the planet.

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About ShieldWear Ltd
ShieldWear Ltd is a distributor of personal protective equipment, focusing primarily on respiratory equipment. The company is committed and dedicated to achieving excellence for customers across the world via rigorous quality assurance processes. Through intense due diligence, ShieldWear has built a network of trusted suppliers around the globe. The direct access to PPE supply manufacturers and storage in the UK and European warehouses cuts through global supply chain delays. ShieldWear Ltd is headquartered in London, UK.
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