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Covid-19 –It is NOT business as usual for Osprey Flight SolutionsWe are all dealing with the impact of Covid-19 and at Osprey Flight Solutions it is most definitely NOT business as usual as we actively seek ways in which we can support the industry during this global crisis. As such, we have immediately developed significant updates within our new platform, Osprey:Open, that are directly relatedto Covid-19.The platform continues to be available FREE of charge –please register here:https://open.ospreyfs.net/A MESSAGE FROM OSPREY FLIGHT SOLUTIONS CEO, ANDREW NICHOLSON:The aviation industry is experiencing the greatest impact on operations in a generation, if not ever, as we all deal with theimpact of Covid-19.Osprey exists to provide the industry withthe best risk management data, information and analytics to support your operations and if we were to just ‘cope’ with this situation then we would be lacking. I want to tell you that it is categorically NOT business as usual for us. We have turned on all the taps, called in all the favours, and buckled ourselves in for a hard, fast ride over the coming weeks and months to make sure that we are, every day, improving the support that we can provide.Our absolute priority is to give you the most accurate reporting that will give you the earliest possible warning that the tide may be turning and that you can start to prepare to resume business.Significant updates to support the industryAs some of you will know, we recently launched our new platform, Osprey:Open. Registration for :Open continues to be completelyfree of chargeand will remain so for the foreseeable future. Anyone in the industry can register and have access to the best data and analytics in a single interface. So, we have been working around the clock to bring updates to :Open that will help you monitor and make decisions about your operations.In addition to the standard data sets that are available,we have overlaid covid-19 cases for each country, drawn from W.H.O. reporting, John Hopkins University and CDC.We have visualised these cases in graphs for every single country showing the growth and rate of the infection, and showing what stage in the spread of the virus that country is experiencing. We have overlaid all covid-19 related NOTAMs, both those published by any country and those relating to any international airport. These datasets are all updated as near live time as possible, keeping you absolutely up to date. We are also working on getting all travel restrictions not covered by NOTAMs visualised.If you haven’t yet registered for :Open,please register here for free access.Here is my pleaWe will continue to add more capabilities over the coming days and weeks, but this work would be greatly enhanced if we, as an industry, can collaborate. So here is my plea.If there is something that would help you if it was analysed or visualised, please let us know and we will work tirelessly to get it into the platform, if it is possible. If you have datasets that would support the industry, please don’t be precious about sharing them and we can get them out there for the benefit of everyone. When all this calms down, it is in all our interests to have a fully functioning global aviation system operating as fast as humanly possible.Stay safe.Andrew NicholsonCEO, Osprey Flight SolutionsAbout Osprey Flight SolutionsSetting the standard for aviation risk analysisFounded in 2017, Osprey fuses real-time information, technology and industry leading expertise to deliver the most advanced aviation risk analysis available anywhere. Our revolutionary data-driven approach provides instant situational intelligence to powerdynamic decision making. Being able to see, understand and react to threats as they emerge sets a new standard for ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew and aircraft. Because risk isn’t static in a fast-moving, turbulent world. Find out more here www.ospreyflightsolutions.com##Osprey Flight Solutions | Press contact: Samantha Taylor Samantha.taylor@ospreyfs.com

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‘We are a small family owned and run business that the introduction of new measures by BF would have caused severe financial hardship.  I was recommended to ask BBGA for advice which they instantly gave even though we were not members.  They attended various meetings by my side, took the situation to a higher level within the Government department and helped me achieve a satisfactory outcome.  I wasn’t pressured to become a member but what became apparent was their genuine desire to help resolve aviation issues for the better of the community.  This association covers almost every aspect of the industry, has representation on the majority of decision making panels and achieves results by either diluting possible harmful legislation or stopping it altogether.  Its members receive updates in real time often leaving other associations to ‘cut and paste’ BBGA releases some time later.’
Penny Stephens – Director
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