This is the 4th in an ongoing, regular series of articles which will cover a variety of important technical, legal, regulatory and safety related updates from the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

The purpose of this communication is to seek to play our part as a proactive, proportionate and forward thinking safety regulatory team in supporting a safe, efficient and flourishing international Business Aviation industry. This feels all the more important given the financial and Political uncertainties that we all face and which have been exacerbated by the ongoing effects of the CV19 pandemic.

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, and in a bid to establish an equivalent level of safety, maintain standards appropriate to the industry, whilst supporting ongoing business aviation operations, IOMAR developed the ability to deliver remote airworthiness surveys using digital technology.

For many clients, the remote survey has been welcomed and will continue. Other clients have a preference for an on-site survey. IOMAR will always listen carefully and respond to industry needs wherever possible, therefore we are pleased to announce that IOMAR now offers customers the choice for aircraft airworthiness surveys to be conducted either remotely (by digital means) or on-site as previously was standard practice. Survey arrangements continue to be reasonably subject to any: political and security concerns; or travel and public health restrictions.

For information and guidance on airworthiness survey requirements and how to apply, please refer to our website:

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