Tell us about your business?

Through Griebel Aerospace Consulting, Dr Hannes S. Griebel provides thought leadership on advanced civil aviation operations and flight safety.  Specializing in advanced concept studies, regulatory and standardization work, Griebel Aerospace Consulting also offers related product and business analysis services.

With aviation being part of a well-rounded portfolio of aeronautics, astronautics and project management services, Griebel Aerospace Consulting can draw on synergies between space and aviation to advise clients on future safety, operations and certification needs of manned, commercial space vehicles.

As a recognized expert on satellite-based aviation services, Dr Griebel developed innovative incident and accident prevention strategies using real-time flight data transmissions and advanced remote airspace concepts.  Dr Griebel is an official advisor to air accident investigation authorities and a member of several EUROCAE, ICAO, AEEC and RTCA working groups.

Get in touch about your needs on flight deck connectivity, electronic flight bag solutions, Global Aeronautic Distress and Safety Systems and advanced air traffic services! 

What is your role?

Director, Consultant

What are the business’ highlights?

Consulting services in aeronautics, astronautics and project management

How did you show resilience in the pandemic?

The pandemic changed the circumstances of our business, so we adapted.

Moreover, aviation safety never stops, and the pandemic doesn’t last forever. We therefore used the forced break from travelling to prepare for the time after the pandemic. Through online collaboration, I helped my clients get through the pandemic, supported their market and business analyses for various post-pandemic recovery scenarios and supported the development of aviation standards.

Why have you joined BBGA?

To be closer to my clients, to become more active in the vibrant business aviation community, to actively help shape our future, and to better support educational activities in STEM.