Tell us about your business?
Channel Jets is a low cost air charter operator, based in the Channel Islands. We offer our clients and customers low-cost, direct charter
services across our European network. We are the largest operator of the world’s most eco-friendly twin engine jet, the Eclipse 500.

What is your role?
Taylor Stewart – Deputy Ground Operations Manager & First Officer.

What are the business’ highlights?
We provide low cost charter service using the world’s most eco-friendly twin engine jet. The Eclipse Jet’s low fuel burn of 350lbs per hour at FL410 makes it incredibly efficient in comparison to its competitors. With a floating fleet of 17 aircraft, we are able to respond quickly to last minute charter requests, specialising in medical and AOG responses. Our immense growth has demonstrated a requirement for low-cost charter service across Europe, reducing the frustration and stress of travel logistics. We are able to transport our clients quickly and efficiently, increasing their effectiveness, productivity and enjoyment.

How did you show resilience in the pandemic?
We demonstrated that private aviation doesn’t have to be expensive, and that it can be used by passengers who believed it to be out of their budget. By providing a lower-cost charter service, we were able to help customers move safely and freely across Europe when airlines weren’t. Our impressive fleet grew from 4 to 17 aircraft in the space of 18 months thanks to some fantastic investment and our clients now see our Operation as a no frills A to B service.
We transport them to where they need to be, on time and on budget.

Why have you joined BBGA?
We strongly believe that the BBGA are able to support and protect us and the other members to promote British business aviation.  Their weekly updates regarding important news allows us to remain up to date with key information and developments as our company continues to grow. We welcome the opportunity to attend networking events and to open new relationships with fellow members.

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