Funding Opportunity – Women’s Leadership Development

Women & Leadership International is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across the UK’s aerospace sector.   A pool of scholarship funding is currently available to women working in the aerospace sector to assist participation in one of two leadership development courses.

Interest in the last round of funding nine months ago was strong, and as a result of feedback and additional community consultation, the current fee-support opportunity provides a potential empowerment pathway for both junior and mid-level women through their participation in either the Leading Edge or Executive Ready course.

Chief executives of the FTSE 100 are still 94% male, and almost one in four companies in the broader FTSE 350 still have only one woman on their board. Unleashing the full potential of women in the workplace could be worth £23 billion to the economy, according to research. 

The campaign is providing women with grants of up to £1,000 to enable participation in one of two leadership development programs: Leading Edge (for junior and aspiring leaders and managers) and Executive Ready (for mid-level leaders and managers).

Expressions of Interest
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