🌍 Watch the video. Setting the Record Straight: Business Aviation’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility 🛩️ #EBACE2023 report

✈️ GearUp.TV sheds light on an important topic. Despite misconceptions out there, business aviation is committed to its environmental responsibility.

✈️ The first day of the show featured a disruption from protestors, some of whom sadly became violent – behaviour deplored by peaceful activists, including Greta Thunberg, and industry practitioners alike.

✈️ Our industry is fully aware of the challenges posed by climate change and this EBACE demonstrated the urgency to reduce our carbon footprint.

✈️ Practically every conversation that took place at the show (including the excellent Forward Conversations at the UAS International Trip Support booth) focused on sustainability.

✈️ There was state-of-the-art technology all over the floor aimed at improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and cutting-edge new aircraft designs.

✈️Collaboration is key. We work closely with regulatory bodies, environmental organisations, and industry partners to develop and implement sustainable practices.

✈️ It’s important to share these stories of sustainable aviation practices, and inspire and encourage others to join us in creating a greener future.

✈️So let’s set the record straight: Business aviation is fully dedicated to environmental responsibility. Together, we can achieve a balance between progress and environmental preservation. 

✈️If you would like to feature in any of GearUp TV’s forthcoming sustainability video projects, reach out on video@gearup.tv 🌱✨

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