If you haven’t already, you are running out of time to sign up to Martyn Fiddler Aviation’s UK Tax Week!

The new UK tax world: What does it mean for business aviation?

With Autumn shortly arriving, we move further away from Brexit and closer to a new post-pandemic world.

The last 8 months have seen dramatic changes to the world of business aviation in the geographic European area, however, it is only now that travel restrictions are starting to ease, that the full impact of these changes will start to impact the business aviation community.

Our tax and customs teams have been working tirelessly to help clients adjust to the newly established UK tax territory and exploring the benefits and complexities that Brexit has brought with it. For example, there are big benefits to closing transactions in the UK now. There is also now more freedom for using Customs procedures and reviewing importation options.

Martyn Fiddler Aviation invite you to join our experienced tax team as they shed light on what it means to use business aircraft in the new UK tax territory post its separation from Europe. We will identify what has changed and the implications for the owning and/or operating of a business aircraft.

Our UK tax week will be delivered in a series of bitesize webinars brought to you at 12pm daily (Monday-Thursday) via our website. To conclude our UK tax week Martyn Fiddler Aviation will host a live Q&A session where we will answer your most popular questions from throughout the week.

To find out more please visit our website and to register please contact heather.gordon@martynfiddler.aero