Second in a series of Video Tutorials by GearUp TV

Take a RISK Have you ever NOT wanted to be on camera because you feel you might look stupid? Join the 25% of the human race for whom fear of public speaking ranks higher than death. However, getting good at video is an essential business tool.

The next lesson in our series for members is on ‘Taking a Risk’. In this video Liz Moscrop outlines the best way to approach creating video, particularly if you are unused to the camera (outside of Zoom and Teams of course). This lesson was shot a couple of years ago and an update you’ll enjoy is the ability to turn your iPad or tablet into an autocue. There are multiple apps such as Teleprompter or PowerPrompter you can use. Alternatively use the Pages app to write out your script, which you can have on a mount behind your screen.

A good videographer will already have a teleprompter as part of their kit and reading something out loud – even from bullet points – is a great way to get out what you want to say.

However, the best piece of advice in this video to take away is that fear is an invisible foe to conquer as it is such a waste of your energy. Ask me how I know!

Early on I was experimenting with Facebook Live. I was not prepared, so soon ran out of steam. Someone I knew messaged me to let me know how inept he thought I was. He was right – I should have been ready. Alas, I felt so embarrassed that I didn’t go live again for ages. What a waste! I could have used my expertise to offer valuable insights to others. I don’t want that to happen to you.

So here is my RISK process

  1. ROUGH out in bullets what you want to say and practice.
  2. I’M not the VIP here, YOU are. Change your focus to communication rather than your on camera performance.
  3. SHARE your teaching
  4. KNOWLEDGE empowers others with information that will help them. Let us know in the comments below how you conquer your camera shyness.

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