“Just imagine if we had planned our aerospace careers,” Alex Durand, Vice Chair of the BBGA, remarked at our House of Commons Reception last Monday evening, coinciding with Farnborough Air Show week.  “Most of us got here by accident from school – but we have been here for a long time.  It’s endlessly absorbing and we don’t want to stop.”

Alex picked up on the earlier comments made by Robert Courts MP, Minister of Aviation, who in a commanding speech highlighted how critical and essential it is to encourage the next generation into aviation careers with a firm emphasis to improve diversity and inclusivity in the process.

On this, Government and industry isn’t standing still.  He announced the imminent launch of ‘Generation Aviation’ this coming September – a multi phased programme working with industry to promote awareness of aviation careers and to increase the number of new people applying for jobs in the sector. 

Praising the work of the vibrant UK business aviation fraternity and BBGA members especially for their exceptional work during the pandemic, Robert Courts stated:  “Your sector has a vitally important role to play realising connectivity ambitions and forging strategic links to foster trade and investment to the benefit of the UK economy.”

He urged aviation companies to register and use the Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform (ASRP) which is now being morphed into a clearing house for the next generation under Talentview Aviation, backed and funded by the DfT.   (BBGA has been involved from mid-2020 working with TRS Aviation, Richard Smith and team, initially conducting meetings on Teams.)  “It’s the first time there has been a holistic framework in place to attract young people into the industry,” said Marc Bailey, BBGA CEO, adding, we are reaching out to colleges across the UK to get commitment to train young people from Level 2 right up to Level 6/7 Master’s degree. 

Karen Spencer, Principal at Stansted College is also fully engaged in the initiative.  While she was not at the House of Commons it was terrific to see several students representing their College and chatting to many BBGA members.  Engagement Director for Aviation at TalentView Aviation Richard Smith is also enthused about the work accomplished so far.

Encouragingly, TalentView will be a part beneficiary in the total £1.5 million the UK Government is investing to support recruitment into the aviation industry, helping ensure it has the workers it needs to meet the unprecedented demand for travel after the pandemic. 

TalentView at Futures Day

Later in the week at Farnborough’s Pioneers of the Future Day in the Careers Hub, Hall 4, eager students were offered help with CV writing;  advice on apprenticeships and hands on activities including Xbox flight simulators.   Richard Smith explained to Nick Danner, 18, studying aerospace engineering at University of the West of England, how to maximise the TalentView platform.   Young people can  register for jobs and opportunities in aviation, accessible on https://talentview.org/aviation 

Getting the next gen engaged and enthused about our new aircraft programmes, they can see and touch is important.  They will be the ones flying on these new eVTOLs and alternative powered aircraft, hopefully identifying a career opportunity too.

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