2020 was a year to forget. 2021 was marginally better, now it’s time to look forward and embrace the challenges 2022 will bring 2022.  

The Seven Challenges Facing Business Aviation reflects the trends and learnings that stood out to us from talking to our clients and colleagues. There are lots of questions to be answered throughout the new year, including:

  • Will recovery continue and possibly surpass previous growth?
  • Can business aviation focus on goals for sustainability during this recovery?
  • Will technology assist aviation to reduce its carbon heavy reputation?
  • Is it possible for the industry to steer itself away from the perception as a luxury asset and embed business aviation as a serious corporate tool?
  • How will technology impact the future of business aviation?

We hope you can use these takeaways when putting together your 2022 business plans over the coming months.

Bringing people together has always been essential to our mission, but it means even more than usual after two difficult years of lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing. It’s hard to comprehend how wonderful it will be to get back to face-to-face networking and to catch up with much loved friends, colleagues, and clients. In the interim, we hope the Seven Challenges Facing Business Aviation will set the tone and the context for all our conversations when we meet face-to-face in 2022.