BASEL / August 05, 2022 — Jet Aviation announced today that its FBOs have been recognized by the
National Air Transportation Association (NATA) as a ‘Green Aviation Business – Tier 2’.

The NATA Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses is a new sustainability initiative, created to
provide FBOs and other aviation businesses a self-certification process for pursuing flexible, cost-effective
options to lower their carbon footprint.
Jet Aviation met the criteria for recognition as a ‘Green Aviation Business – Tier 2’, which includes adopting
recycling programs, installing renewable energy sources, executing paperless systems, implementing a
sustainable sourcing/procurement policy, adopting electric operational vehicles, and promoting ride sharing,
electric car usage and/or public transport among employees.
“We are committed to providing sustainable choices for our customers and employees across our business,”
said Jet Aviation President, David Paddock. “We also recognize that achieving a more sustainable future is
not just about the services we provide, but how we provide it and how we operate our physical assets. I am
very proud that NATA has recognized our efforts in this area, for example our LEED buildings and recycling
programs, and want to thank the team for their dedication to exploring and implementing sustainable
“Collaboration and partnership are key to bringing innovative solutions to life,” continued David Best, senior
vice president regional operations and GM Americas. “We are dedicated to working together with industry
bodies to continue to support a more sustainable future. I am delighted to see this fruitful outcome of our
long and successful partnership with NATA, and look forward to further collaboration to come, on this and
other key industry initiatives.”
The NATA Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses is a free industry standard designed to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions increase use of more environmentally friendly energy sources, reduce waste, and
encourage sustainability operation-wide.
In addition to supporting sustainable operations across its global FBO network, Jet Aviation also offers
permanent physical SAF at three locations: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Van Nuys, California; and
Singapore; and SAF via Book & Claim anywhere in the world. The company also signed the World Economic
Forum’s (WEF) ‘Clean Skies for Tomorrow’ 2030 Ambition Statement earlier this year.
Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) with some 4,000 employees and
50 locations worldwide. Jet Aviation’s offerings include aircraft management, aircraft sales, charter,
completions, defence, FBO, maintenance and staffing.

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