This latest IOMAR update has a Flight Operations focus. We have published comprehensive guidance to operators to help support safe and efficient business aviation operations. The full document RP4 can be can be found by following this link:

Some useful examples from RP4 are offered below:

  • Operating outside of Controlled Airspace?  We have guidance to help reduce the risk, see RP4 Part 3 Chapter 3;
  • Single Pilot Operations benefit from good CRM, but what should be on the syllabus?  See RP4 Part 1 Chapter 3.4.3;
  • Your Safety Management System should help you take a proactive approach to managing safety, but what is a SMS? See RP 4 Part 1 Chapter 10;
  • Are you up to speed on the ICAO Global Reporting Format? See RP4 Part 1 Chapter 12.1;
  • Operating in the NAT HLA? See RP4 Part 1 Chapter 9.3;
  • We also have a NAT HLA Checklist which is available on our website:

Fatigue Risk Management – IBAC, ICAO and the Flight Safety Foundation have published some really helpful guidance to provide general aviation aeroplane operators with information on the nature of fatigue and guidance on managing the risks within an operators’ SMS. Check out our website for more details:

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