Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Approval

Article 35 of the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order 2015 (ANO) provides for an aircraft registered in the Isle of Man to be operated with certain equipment inoperative, through the use of an approved Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

To ensure compliance with the ANO in respect of MELs the IOMAR has published RL1 MEL Preparation Guidance. This has been written to assist any person or organisation preparing an MEL for an M-Reg aircraft. In addition there is further information available on this dedicated web page. (NOTE – the material in RL1 should not be used to overwrite the MMEL other than for the purpose(s) described.)

To assist our operators further regarding the required Operational & Emergency Equipment, we have produced documents to enable them to locate the requirements within the IOM ANO, and determine what should be carried for the operation of their aircraft. These can be found on our Operational & Emergency Equipment page. 


Apply by completing and submitting a Form 8 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Approval Application including electronic copies of the:

  • Operators MEL and customised O&M Procedures; and
  • Manufacturers MMEL and O&M Procedures;

The submission should be sent to

IOMAR policy is to review the MEL against the MMEL from the State of TCDS Compliance of the aircraft. If there are extenuating circumstances that may require deviation from this policy, this should be discussed with the IOMAR prior to the MEL preparation. (NOTE – In the case of operators of non-EASA state of design aircraft who are affected by Part-NCC, the MEL is also reviewed against the EASA MMEL & manufacturers O&M procedures.)


The MEL must remain compliant with the MMEL and manufacturers O&M procedures it is based on. Revisions to the MMEL and/or manufacturers O&M procedures must be reviewed in a timely manner and subsequent amendments to the MEL must be submitted to the IOMAR for approval in accordance with the MEL Amendment Timescales published below.


Revisions to the MMEL and Manufacturers O&M Procedures must be reviewed in a timely manner and subsequent amendments to the MEL must be submitted to, and approved by the IOMAR within 90 days from the amendment effective date.

Voluntary amendment of the MEL may be carried out as required by the operator, provided the proposed change is no less restrictive than the MMEL.


An amended MEL must be submitted to the IOMAR using a Form 8 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Approval.

The submission should be sent to along with the required supporting documentation:

  • Operators amended MEL and customised O&M Procedures; and
  • Manufacturers MMEL and O&M Procedures;

(NOTE – the operator should continue to use the previously approved MEL until the submitted MEL is approved by the IOMAR.)


The Registry has invested in further developments to the Registry’s Online Services Portal.

Findings and/or Observations identified during the MEL review will be addressed to the Flight Operations Representative (FOR), with the Operator in copy. 

FORs or Operators (and MEL authors, who are Aircraft Client Users), can enter responses to each finding directly into the MEL record via the online services portal. 

This enhancement to the online services portal will provide a simplified process, greater transparency and reduction of email exchanges to further improve the customer interaction with the Registry.


EASA Air Ops Regulations (a.k.a. Part-NCC) affect many operators of Isle of Man Registered Aircraft. 

To support our operators affected by these European rules, the Registry has entered into agreements with the competent authorities of some EU Member States, whereby the competent authority will accept the MEL approvals issued by the IOMAR.

To facilitate this, Form 8 (and Form 20) include a field allowing the FOR and/or Operator to confirm which EASA member state they have, or are intending to, declare to.

In order to comply with the EASA Part-NCC rules, Non EASA TCDS aircraft affected by Part-NCC must

  • Ensure the MEL is based on the TCDS MMEL and is no less restrictive than both the TCDS MMEL and EASA MMEL,
  • Meet the Preamble requirements for Part NCC operators in RP4 Part 2 Chapter 5.2.4 Appendix 2and
  • Submit TCDS MMEL & Manufacturers’ O&M and the EASA MMEL & Manufacturers’ O&M to the Registry in support of the MEL application.

Where an agreement is in place, the IOMAR will advise the competent authority when an MEL approval has been granted (where applicable).

The IOMAR team of highly experienced experts are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us by email at

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Director of Civil Aviation

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