This is the third in an ongoing, regular series of articles which will cover a variety of important technical, legal, regulatory and safety related updates from the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

The purpose of this communication is to seek to play our part as a proactive, proportionate and forward thinking safety regulatory team in supporting a safe, efficient and flourishing international Business Aviation industry. This feels all the more important given the financial and Political uncertainties that we all face and which have been exacerbated by the ongoing effects of the CV19 pandemic.

The 1st of August saw another milestone being reached in our ongoing legislation update program with the coming into effect of our new Aircraft Registration and Marking Order.

New provisions give enhanced clarity on private/corporate aircraft ownership & operation where valuable consideration & remuneration are acceptable, such as: private dry leases; demonstration & ferry flights; groups of companies; payment of operating costs; and jointly owned aircraft. The new legislation now aligns our definition of “aerial work” with that promulgated by ICAO, so is now focused on “specialised services”. Aircraft registered in the Isle of Man may now conduct such aerial work, subject to the issuance of a formal approval by the Registry.

For aircraft issued with a Certificate of Registration issued before 1 August 2022, the certificate remains valid and the legal provisions regarding valuable consideration and remuneration remain as per the provisions published pre 1 August 2022. However, if clients of such aircraft wish to fall under the new rules, they may apply for a new Certificate of Registration to be issued. Details of the new legislation and how to apply for a new Certificate of Registration can be found on our website:

As we continue to improve our processes and guidance material, in support of the new Aircraft Registration and Marking Order, we have also published a suite of updates to our Registry Publications (RP), forms and our website pages. In particular, the following 2 new RPs are now available:

–             RP67 – “Aircraft Insurance” – sets out the insurance requirements for aircraft registered in the Isle of Man;
–             RP68 – “Remuneration and Valuable Consideration” – sets out requirements and guidance regarding the prohibition of commercial air transport and the circumstances where receipt of valuable consideration and remuneration is permitted by private flights.

RP52 “Changes to Nominated Contacts, the Aircraft Register and Operator” has also been significantly updated to give enhanced guidance to our clients on the processes to be followed and documents to be provided when notifying us of changes.

Major updates have been made to a number of our Forms, most notably the F2 – “Application for Registration of Aircraft or Change of Registered Owner” and the F92 – “Notification of Change to the Aircraft Register and Operator”. There is also a new F41 – “Aerial Work Approval”.

Our aim has been to simplify the forms and make them easier to complete; however, if you have any suggestions or views on how we can make our documentation better from your customer perspective then please do let us know.

Thinking of registering an aircraft? Think M Reg.

All the best, Simon

Simon Williams BA(Hons), LRPS, FRAeS

Director of Civil Aviation

Office Address: Ground Floor, Viscount House, Ronaldsway Airport, Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AS, British Isles