So…you have an approved Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and you need to update it. Perhaps due to the manufacturers Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) being re-issued or perhaps a voluntary change at the behest of the Operator? This update will give you all the information needed to amend an approved MEL, whilst ensuring that it still meets IOMAR Standards. This will save time producing the final MEL fit for Registry approval, resulting in less findings raised during review and therefore a smoother & faster approval process.

Who is responsible for amending the MEL?

Although they may delegate this to a third party, the Flight Operations Representative (FOR) is remains responsible for the MEL.

Why would an approved MEL need to be amended?

There are many reasons why, including:

· the manufacturer re-issuing the Master Minimum Equipment List;

· the manufacturer re-issuing the O&M procedures (aka DDG or MOPP);

· embodiment of an STC adding optional equipment and therefore adding new MEL relief;

· compliance with an Airworthiness Directive that mandates an MEL change adding (e.g. an operational restriction caused by 5G C-Band issues);

· addition of a new operational approval, would need adding to Minimum Equipment Required for Operational Approvals as a minimum;

· an update to relevant Regulations, primarily Isle of Man legislation and regulations, and secondarily any other regulations relevant to the operator or operational environment.

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