Aircraft charter specialist Hunt & Palmer has posted record results for the 2021 financial period, with group turnover in excess of £80,000,000, despite the turmoil that has affected the aviation and travel industries globally since the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Hunt & Palmer Group, which includes several entities of that brand together with renowned music tour business Premier Aviation (UK) Ltd, has emerged intact from the crisis that gripped the world for almost two years and with their overall business increased by more than 30% over that realised in 2019.

“The Hunt & Palmer Board are extremely pleased with these results and we see this achievement as endorsement of our long held strategies for building a robust and profitable business even in the most challenging circumstances,” comments Mark Jenkinson, one of the Group’s main board directors.

These results are no ‘flash in the pan’ for Hunt & Palmer, who are one of the industry’s most established broking companies, and 2022 is already on course to exceed last year’s figures.

“Just as noteworthy,” Jenkinson continues, “is that we have retained all of our broking and flight administration staff throughout the Covid pandemic, in contrast to the significant layoffs by airlines, airports and other aviation related businesses during the same period. This means that the professional skills and experience within our teams, that takes years to acquire and which are so fundamental to the continued success of our business, have not been lost. Consequently we are now in a stronger position than ever, both in terms of resources and finances, to press ahead with our plans for further growth over the next few years.”

Established in 1986, Hunt & Palmer plc employs over 60 specialist staff worldwide, offering bespoke air travel solutions to corporate clients, governments and NGO’s in addition to its blue chip portfolio of private customers. The Hunt & Palmer group comprises of Hunt & Palmer plc, Hunt & Palmer Cargo Charters Ltd, Hunt & Palmer USA Inc., Hunt & Palmer Hong Kong Ltd, Hunt & Palmer PTY (Australia), Premier Aviation (UK) Ltd and Aircraft Chartering Services Ltd.