In case you missed it, an organisation called “Just Stop Oil” broke into Stansted Airport in London yesterday and sprayed orange paint over two private jets. Earlier that day they’d defaced a national monument. 

I’ve deliberately not showcased the images publicly on social media so that they gain the oxygen of publicity. What I DID share instead was a video of a young woman called Kaylee, who we filmed for the British Business and General Aviation “Did You Know” #bizavenables campaign recently, which is highlighting the great work our industry does.

What Just Stop Oil did is a key part of the reason I set up (Towards) JetZero.TV

The website is now up, we have several videos in edit – we’ll release them when we have enough to give us several weeks worth of content to generate momentum, which will be in the next couple of weeks.

Bear with us, like so many things in aviation – it’s taken us twice as long and cost twice as much as originally anticipated. And we’re aiming to bring a valuable service to you all, possibly even with a members only element – so all feedback welcome.

I also just spent a heartening two days at Revolution Aero, where  I saw fabulous constructive work towards sustainability and had great feedback on JetZero.TV. 

The style of content we’ll be producing for public consumption is like the ones we’re producing for BBGA – they look like this.

Incidentally, please do share this content as much as possible and comment and engage and help support the great work the association is doing to bring what we do to a wider audience, using the hashtag #bizavenables.
PS: Here are four ways we can help you between emails when you’re ready:

Or…you can always reach out to me on to find out what we’re up to and how you can get involved