First in a series of Video Tutorials by GearUp TV

As more and more people are using video in their businesses, we thought we’d share a few lessons for BBGA members on how to use it effectively. Most people still won’t adopt them. Big mistake. If you think TikTok and podcasts are for the kids or ‘others’ you’ll be really left behind in three years time. Hop in and get started.

Being authentic is key. There are so many easy tools nowadays to create great scripts (and read from them). The message is far more important than the medium however.

Here, I go over a common fear many have of looking foolish on camera and why and how to combat it. 

NB I created this video a couple of years ago now, so am far more comfortable on camera after several years video content creation. The sentiment holds true though as many people still feel awkward when presenting.

It’s also essential to be a little vulnerable sometimes – we’ve all been through such upheaval recently that anything that makes you more relatable to your audience is a key attribute to offer.

If you’d like to take your video marketing to the next level, a good place to start is to Join our Facebook community for advice on how and what to do to use video messaging effectively in your business.

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