Tell us about your business?

Flightcare Global provide Health Risk Management solutions, powered by technology. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and flexible medical support to the aviation industry, combining the benefits of technology and expertise to provide the highest levels of service, effectively and efficiently. 

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the aviation industry, managing health risks and providing medical support and solutions across a range of different sectors within the industry.

What is your role?

Sarah Magee is Chief Commercial Officer at Flightcare Global.  

What are the business’ highlights?

Our technology driven approach provides unique advantages and benefits to users and operators:

·  Intuitive assessment capabilities – access to the right level of service is provided every time, pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground. In the event of a medical emergency, immediate access to clinicians is provided, but for a lower acuity incident, (which is more typical), advice and guidance can be obtained quickly and easily using the decision assessment capabilities provided in our technology platform

· Instant data capture/transfer – essential reference data is instantly captured and transmitted, without the need to provide verbally; this saves valuable time and allows clinicians to focus quickly on the situation at hand

· Our clinicians are all aviation medicine trained – users can always be sure that they will be supported with expert analysis and advice

· Interactive communication – when in contact with our team of clinicians, all communication is in real time and interactive using text/chat, VOIP or Satcom; this avoids the delays experienced when relying on email communication and means that you will get the response you need, fast

We provide the additional relevant services, such as EASA compliant crew training and medical kits and can also provide medical consultancy services for those clients who would like an expert assessment of their medical and health requirements, based on their individual operation. Our global provider network compliments our end to end systems, providing additional reassurance for passengers, crew and operators alike.

Our technology focused, integrated solutions ensure that our clients, their passengers and crew get access to reliable support, effectively and efficiently, whenever and wherever they need it.

How did you show resilience in the pandemic?

As a new company, the pandemic certainly caused some delay and disruption to our initial strategy; however, like many others, we tried to adapt and focus on the areas of our business that we could continue to develop within the restrictions created by the pandemic.

As the industry begins to emerge into normal activities, there will be a heightened levels of consciousness on things like safety, finance and health risk. Flightcare Global can assess and manage health risk and medical requirements around the clock, pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground, ensuring that both passengers and crew are supported, providing piece of mind to operators and company representatives.

Why have you joined BBGA?

We joined the BBGA as we feel it is a priority to support those organisations that work so hard for our industry.

As CCO for Flightcare Global, I also feel that membership provides an important opportunity to share knowledge, information and experiences with our peers to mutual benefit and for the benefit of our clients.

To find out more, please contact Sarah Magee on +44 7702 421301 or email