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Supporting Businesses in Business and General Aviation

Who are we and what do we do:-

We are the UK’s influential voice of Business and General Aviation

  • BBGA represents the interest of member companies at a regional level when we need to progress issues with bodies like airports, local communities or divisions of government agencies.
  • At National level BBGA is part of the key part of the body established with CAA and DfT. The General and Business Strategic Forum give effective access to the CEO of our CAA and the Aviation Minister. The forum is a small group of only three associations which include AOPA, GAA and the BBGA, which provides complete coverage of the sector without any overlap.
  • The BBGA has access to all the government offices and is the first point of contact for consultations on our sector.
  • At a European level the association has access to EASA and the Commission through the vehicle which is ECOGAS (European Council of General Aviation Support). This allows us to work with the top five member state associations and together we have 700 members to refer to when making our inputs to the European regulator.
  • We have access to the international forum of IBAC (International Business Aviation Council). As a founder of this group it allows all the international associations across the globe to work together to help provide strategic direction for our sector. The IBAC secretariat operates from the same offices as ICAO and therefore they are able to lobby directly for long term changes on our behalf, to help shape our sector in the long term.
  • BBGA is working hard to improve the perception of our sector and has strong links with the EBAA who are developing a significant marketing programme to help that process. We have full and unrestricted access to the material generated to help market our sector.

BBGA Benefit to Industry

BBGA has a strong, positive and active relationship with several other associations, in particular with EBAA. Since 2016 we have an agreement in place so that anyone joining the BBGA now gets membership of EBAA as well, for a single fee.  Businesses in the UK can only access EBAA now through BBGA membership. This agreement provides members with many benefits from both associations, in terms of events and workgroups which are designed to address industry problems.

BBGA has strong relationships with a number of other associations in the UK and we seek to work together to further our sectors interests. Of note those associations include, AOPA, GAA, GAAC, BHA, EIMG and the RAeS.

The benefits of being a member include:-

  • Access to a network of 170+ UK members.
  • Dynamic workgroups in Operations, Airworthiness, FBO’s and Membership, which between them can represent any issue to the appropriate place, be that regulator or government.
  • Events throughout the year for both networking and to hear the latest issues of interest.
  • Through our membership you have access to exhibit at EBACE the premier European event in the calendar.
  • Through our agreement with RAeS we have access to events and meeting rooms in London at reduced rates.
  • Because of our extensive industry links we are able to provide guidance and assist with contacts in cases where individual support is required.

BBGA is a “not for profit” organisation existing solely for the benefit of its members.  BBGA goes to where individual businesses and others cannot go in order to protect and advance the business success of its UK businesses.  Our success depends on our credibility and reputation.  Being able to demonstrate the broadest possible membership adds significantly to credibility with regulators and Government.   

For more information or to receive an application form to join BBGA, please contact Rachael.paskin@bbga.aero or call +44 (0) 1844 238020.