IS-BAO_LOGO_PRINT(2011)IS-BAO Fundamentals workshops:

It is well known that any Non-commercial Operator operating a complex motor-powered aircraft registered within the EASA Member States will have to comply with Part-NCC regulation by 25 Aug. 2016. Did you know that the IS-BAO could help you get there?

The IS-BAO is an internationally recognized standard developed by the industry for the industry and designed from key ICAO Annexes and best industry practices to help you establish a safe, efficient and effective flight department. But did you know that IS-BAO implementation also satisfies most of the Part-NCC regulatory requirements? Click here to download the latest gap analysis on IS-BAO Standards and Recommended Practices and the Part-NNN regulatory requirements.

Please join us at one of our upcoming workshops to learn in-depth about the IS-BAO and how to implement it into your operations. Key topics that will be covered include:

  • SMS Implementation
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Maintenance Control
  • Safety Culture
  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Evaluating SMS Performance

Fundamentals of IS-BAO:

IS-BAO Auditing:


ICMAviationConference_LogoNEW import solution from Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited

Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited (MFAL) is very pleased to formally announce its new EU import service for non-EU AOC and corporate aircraft operators.

This new solution is delivered through MFAL’s sister company in the Netherlands.

The service is very convenient. It also differs from others as it does not require a VAT registration, nor a change to ownership or registration of the aircraft.

Angie Deady-Fiddler, director of MFAL, and a leading figure in the business aviation industry told us:

“We are very excited about this new solution. It has been tried and tested over the last 12 months and I am very happy with all aspects of the process.

We have been in the business a long time and imported over 1000 aircraft for clients worldwide. With this new Netherlands solution I am expecting us to be very busy in 2016.

Our knowledge of customs, duty and VAT is well known in the industry and gives clients the peace of mind that we do things properly. We make sure the right documentation is in place for their aircraft to be in free circulation within the EU, and we always deal with each import in the most efficient way.”

MFAL arranges customs processes, including imports, exports and temporary admissions in the UK, Isle of Man and other EU jurisdictions. Based in Stansted, Angie Deady-Fiddler and her team deal with customs, duty and VAT queries from all over the world.

As part of the ICM group of companies, MFAL’s clients benefit from easy access to company and trust expertise, indemnified tax and VAT advice and other related services.

For further information please contact Angie Deady-Fiddler at or +22 1279 810020.



BBGA PLAIN blue (2)BBGA House of Commons Reception

13th July 2016.  Bring your guests and visitors for this reception held on the Terrace at the House of Commons.


BBGA PLAIN blue (2)BBGA Bombardier Golf Day 29th July 2016

Berkshire Golf club







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