Member Advantages


BBGA sits on a wide range of relevant Committees and Bodies at both national and European level (plus affiliations in other countries) in order to monitor and influence those policies which affect General Aviation.


BBGA reacts to problems as they arise or are about to arise and campaigns to change such situations to the benefit of the industry. BBGA also takes a proactive stance and campaigns for the introduction of new procedures should that be beneficial to the industry. A list of current campaigns is available from the BBGA Office.


Through its membership of committees and bodies and through its natural vigilance in the General Aviation world, BBGA monitors changes in legislation and in the marketplace.


Membership of BBGA brings together people in the General Aviation industry thus forming a network of mutually beneficial support and passage of information.


BBGA seeks to promote the industry by supporting the General Aviation Awareness Council in conjunction with other aviation organisations. It widely distributes its Directory to potential customers and expects its members to display the BBGA logo as an indication of a high standard of trading. BBGA members are provided with a standard Code of Practice. BBGA also supports relevant Trade Shows and Exhibitions.


BBGA keeps its membership advised through the British General Aviation Bulletin, Special Group Bulletins and other newsletters. The BBGA annual Conference is widely acclaimed as a forum for attracting informative and authoritative speakers and also acts as a clearing house for determining policy for the succeeding year. BBGA conducts a number of surveys on a range of General Aviation subjects. The Association, through its experts, helps interpret new legislation, including European legislation and advises members accordingly.


Being a member of a Trade Association also brings a range of benefits including a discounted Employers Liability Insurance Scheme, and discounts on Car Rental and Hotel reservations. Past and present publications, survey results and access to a library of UK and European legislation are open, free to all members.


Joining companies are accepted by consensus of the Council into Association membership and have available a code of practice. BBGA member companies know that their customers will recognise the BBGA logo as a sign of fair trading by companies accredited by a Trade Association.

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‘We are a small family owned and run business that the introduction of new measures by BF would have caused severe financial hardship.  I was recommended to ask BBGA for advice which they instantly gave even though we were not members.  They attended various meetings by my side, took the situation to a higher level within the Government department and helped me achieve a satisfactory outcome.  I wasn’t pressured to become a member but what became apparent was their genuine desire to help resolve aviation issues for the better of the community.  This association covers almost every aspect of the industry, has representation on the majority of decision making panels and achieves results by either diluting possible harmful legislation or stopping it altogether.  Its members receive updates in real time often leaving other associations to ‘cut and paste’ BBGA releases some time later.’
Penny Stephens – Director
Inflite The Jet Centre