IBAC Is Searching for Candidates to Direct Its Office in Montreal, Canada

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) is searching for a Director to lead its principal office at the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. IBAC is an international, non-profit trade association representing the interests of business aircraft operators at the global level. IBAC is an official observer
organization at ICAO, supports member organizations around the world, and promotes safety through international best-practices standards for the business aviation community. The office in Montreal coordinates and leads IBAC’s contributions to the work of ICAO on standards for international aviation safety, security, environment, facilitation and air navigation as they affect business aviation. Ideally, the selected candidate will be an energetic professional with knowledge of and direct experience at ICAO, with technical knowledge of and experience in business aviation, and with demonstrated experience in helping to lead and manage change.

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‘We are a small family owned and run business that the introduction of new measures by BF would have caused severe financial hardship.  I was recommended to ask BBGA for advice which they instantly gave even though we were not members.  They attended various meetings by my side, took the situation to a higher level within the Government department and helped me achieve a satisfactory outcome.  I wasn’t pressured to become a member but what became apparent was their genuine desire to help resolve aviation issues for the better of the community.  This association covers almost every aspect of the industry, has representation on the majority of decision making panels and achieves results by either diluting possible harmful legislation or stopping it altogether.  Its members receive updates in real time often leaving other associations to ‘cut and paste’ BBGA releases some time later.’
Penny Stephens – Director
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