We are distributing this message on behalf of the Department for Transport. This message contains information about:

  1. Changes to inbound health measures for vaccinated passengers
  2. Updated Operational Guidance document
  3. Passenger information – updates to required information
  4. ‘Enhanced’ General Aircraft Declaration (GAD) process
  5. Changes to Exemptions
  1. Changes to inbound health measures for passengers

From 04:00 UTC Friday 11 February, passengers arriving in the United Kingdom who are fully vaccinated or otherwise meet the eligibility criteria, will no longer be required to take a post-arrival test.

Passengers who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will still be required to take a Pre-Departure Test, but will only need to take a privately provided PCR test on arrival or before Day 2 and will no longer need to self-isolate. Passengers who do not qualify as fully vaccinated arriving before 04:00 on 11th February still need to purchase their day 2 and 8 PCR test package.

  1. Updated Operational Guidance document

The Aviation Operational Guidance has been updated and Version 5.3, attached to this SIREN, comes into effect at 04:00 UTC Friday 11 February. Please note that this version is being circulated before the regulations have been finalised and is therefore PROVISIONAL and subject to change, including on territorial application.

  1. Passenger information – updates to required information

From 04:00 UTC Friday 11 February the information that transport operators must provide in pre-departure communications and the on-board message is changing. The obligations on operators are also being simplified.

From 04:00 UTC Friday 11 February the obligation to provide information to passengers may be discharged by an operator (or a relevant third party that handles booking or check in), at any time prior to 24 hours before departure to England. For passengers that book within 24 hours of departure the operator (or relevant third party) must provide the information at any time before departure.

The information within ‘Box A’ must be sent to or displayed prominently to the passenger. This can be through digital, physical or verbal means. It is not sufficient to only place the information on a website or amongst terms and conditions of an operator.

Guidance on the changes has been updated at:


  1. ‘Enhanced’ General Aircraft Declaration (GAD) process

With immediate effect, the ‘enhanced’ GAD process, which has been in place since March 2020 and requests that operators submit nil returns in addition to positive reporting of symptomatic passengers when arriving in any part of the UK, is no longer required. Operators must continue to notify UK public health authorities if crew become aware of any symptomatic passengers during the journey to the UK.

  1. Changes to Exemptions

From 04:00 UTC 11 February several job-related exemptions will be removed as due to the wider changes to inbound health measures they are no longer required. Most passengers who travel for work will no longer be eligible to claim an exemption.

Some job-related exemptions, including aircraft pilots and crew, will be retained. The exemption for aerospace engineers will be removed from 04:00 UTC 11 February. Please note that the definition of the aircraft pilots and crew exemption will be amended from this time to include persons who are carried on the aircraft carrying out ground-based maintenance of aircraft.

Passengers who are no longer eligible for an exemption from inbound health measures because of their job must follow the standard rules for passengers. Operators must not accept exemptions evidence for job-related exemptions that no longer apply.

Passenger guidance will be updated on 11 February. For preparatory purposes, operators may wish to review the attached PDF draft version of the updated exemptions guidance. This document is not for publication or onward distribution. Operators may wish to use this document to familiarise themselves with the list of jobs for which an exemption will no longer apply.


Operators may contact internationaltravelresponse@dft.gov.uk for any enquiries. Please note this is not a public enquiries service, please do not direct passengers to contact this inbox.