BBGA Relationships Explained

The flow chart which follows shows the relationships that BBGA has across National, European and International forums.  It demonstrates how your instructions as members, are reflected into various organisations or government agencies to help impact change, where that is required.

The start point for this process is to utilise the workgroups, which are industry led bodies focused.   These workgroups deal with issues that impact your part of our industry. 


  • Is the body which covers all engineering, maintenance, manufacturing, training and component distribution activities. This includes  continued airworthiness activities, which are still managed by those people with a background in engineering and maintenance.


  • Covers flight operations and much of the ground operations activities.  These combine to deliver services to our clients in commercial General Aviation, across a wide spectrum of products.

Fixed Base Operations

  • This workgroup is a much focused activity which has come to the fore in the last three to four years.  This is primarily due to the issues we are facing with security and taxation. Given that FBOs are the shop window for our end users and the increasing pressure on the business aviation airfield network this group will continue for the foreseeable future.

Membership group

  • This activity focusses on the value and benefit offered to our members. The output of this group ranges from event delivery  ensuring our sector messaging is appropriate.   As well as basic marketing of our activities.

Professional Flight Training

  • This group has been established to represent ATOs that deliver professional flight training both nationally and in Europe. The activities of this workgroup have developed to represent not only business aviation but extend that reach to be the prime focal point for training requirements.   Hence, the workgroup supports all professional flight training. The group in its European form represents airlines and OEM’s with EASA.

These workgroups strategically control output through your BBGA council.  The secretariat ensures that the requisite actions are delivered through the most appropriate channel.

General and Business Aviation Strategic Forum

This industry group  comprises the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the General Aviation Alliance, CAA CEO, DfT and the BBGA. We are in the fortunate position of being the group which represents all of the UK’s GA activity and provides strategic direction for our sector.  All the other associations have access through one of the three trade bodies listed. This gives us as a sector great access to the key decision makers in the UK.  It also allows us to directly represent your position where it matters.

Other Association Links

We have a formal link with EBAA through an agreement which gives UK members a single point of access, whilst accessing the benefits of both BBGA & EBAA membership.    Together, joint working groups and a national association forum generate significant benefit for all our members.

As highlighted in the previous section we have a close working relationship with AOPA and the GAA.  This enables us to act together as the strategic voice for GA in the UK. We also have a strong link with the European Independent Maintenance Group, which represents independent MROs.  As well as this, we have a clear link with Airlines of UK.  As a result, we can speak with one voice on Airworthiness matters in the UK.

The last piece of the jigsaw is the General Aviation Awareness Council. This group has a particular focus on managing the status of our network of airfields throughout the UK. Given the status of the UK in terms of the density and utilisation of our airspace it is vital that we ensure that we have the infrastructure to support our business into the future.

ECOGAS (European Council of General Aviation Support)

One of our best kept secrets is ECOGAS which provides us with a formal vehicle to work with EASA. One has to have a pan European association to gain access to EASA and BBGA on its own cannot gain access. However, ECOGAS is much more than that as it comprises the major European associations. It focuses on the airworthiness and training aspects which EBAA does not.  So, between us we have a broad base with which we can address issues to EASA.  ECOGAS  has some 700 members through its associations.  This gives us a great voice to represent SMEs with both the Commission and EASA, in a European context.  ECOGAS has formal seats on all the EASA advisory boards.

IBAC (International Business Aviation Council)

The BBGA, as a founder member of this group has a forum to work with all the major international associations across the world.  Together, therefore, we can help shape the future direction of our sector. IBAC is based in Canada in the same offices as ICAO, which puts us in an ideal position to directly influence the long term legislation which drives our part of aviation.

The other major activity with IBAC is the development of industry standards with ISBAO and ISBAH. This is a great example of industry leading the way on things that matter and by driving the standards ourselves helps minimise the need for regulators to impose regulations

relationships explained

BBGA Relationships Explained – flowchart

‘We are a small family owned and run business that the introduction of new measures by BF would have caused severe financial hardship.  I was recommended to ask BBGA for advice which they instantly gave even though we were not members.  They attended various meetings by my side, took the situation to a higher level within the Government department and helped me achieve a satisfactory outcome.  I wasn’t pressured to become a member but what became apparent was their genuine desire to help resolve aviation issues for the better of the community.  This association covers almost every aspect of the industry, has representation on the majority of decision making panels and achieves results by either diluting possible harmful legislation or stopping it altogether.  Its members receive updates in real time often leaving other associations to ‘cut and paste’ BBGA releases some time later.’
Penny Stephens – Director
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