BBGA Future Aviation Strategy – Working through the BBGA Work Groups

Dear member,

Further to the email below we have had a limited response to this request for information so we would stress the imporantance of submitting your comments to us so the chair of your workgroups can meet with DfT in September.  There is now some urgency relating to members input so please can we ask you to send all responses to as soon as possible.  


​We recently held a workshop on the Future Aviation Strategy (FAS) with the DfT at CAA in LGW. We had a good attendance from industry, but many felt that we had not really covered sufficient ground to ensure that the green paper would fully reflect our position going forward. One of the ongoing issues is that the previous Aviation Strategy issued by the Secretary of State in 2013 was 99% focused on scheduled aviation. We cannot let the same situation prevail in this new FAS document and in an ideal world we would like to see a dedicated section focused on our commercial GA operations as AOC , NCC or SPO.

We have agreed with the DfT that we will gather our ideas using main workgroups Operations, Airworthiness, Flight Training and FBO. The idea is that your thoughts should be shared with the respective group and a set of key points established.  Our DfT aviation focal for our sector has agreed that he will meet with each workgroup to receive the feedback and discuss.

The plan would be to take the inputs from each workgroup and for BBGA through the secretariat to make a formal submission for us as a sector.

All of these activities need to be completed by the end of September.

Please make your inputs to Rachael and we will endeavour to co-ordinate this information with each workgroup.

We are awaiting notes of our recent meeting with DfT and we will provide those to you as soon as they are available.

You will find two documents attached, the 2013 Aviation Policy (primarily scheduled),the 2017 call for evidence paper.  2 other documetnts are available to view from the following links:  the original DfT briefing document Beyond the Horizon and the 2015 GA strategy (primarily leisure sector).

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