Air BP and Signature Flight Support collaborate to offset carbon emissions for Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference attendees

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Air BP and Signature Flight Support will be offering to offset the carbon emissions for the flights of visitors to the 2018 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in Long Beach, CA USA. Emissions will be offset by BP Target Neutral, BP’s voluntary carbon offsetting program.

Schedulers and Dispatchers attendees who are interested in having the carbon emissions offset for their flight to the conference should visit Signature Flight Support’s booth #1025 on February 7 or 8, 2018 to find out more.

This collaboration builds on Signature’s announcement in October 2017 about Air BP Sterling Card holders being able to purchase carbon neutral fuel at over 100 of their U.S. fixed base operations (FBOs) through BP Target Neutral.

This means that emissions are balanced by a carbon reduction credit, a certificate that guarantees the carbon emitted into the atmosphere is being offset by one of several environmental programs. Signature and Air BP are offering this benefit at no extra cost to Air BP Sterling Card holders. Signature customers simply use their Air BP Sterling Card at participating Signature locations to receive the carbon offset.

Maria A. Sastre, President and Chief Operating Officer for Signature Flight Support said: “Signature Flight Support is consistently at the front of the FBO industry with leading edge programs and solutions for our customers. We are pleased to announce this collaboration with Air BP to offset our customers’ carbon in line with our corporate social responsibility and sustainability values.  This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Air BP to reduce emissions – we are also working on energy efficiency and lower carbon fuels to reduce our carbon footprint over the long-term.”

This joint approach to carbon reduction shows the continued commitment of two major players in the business aviation market to achieve a lower-carbon future.

Julio Casas, Air BP General Aviation Director, North America explains: “At BP, we are addressing the addressing the dual challenge of meeting society’s need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. The collaboration with Signature Flight Support, helps meet our customer’s demand for lower carbon energy and gives thousands of Sterling Card holders the option of buying carbon neutral fuel at over 100 Signature locations.”

BP has over 10 years’ experience in carbon offsetting and purchasing carbon credits from projects all over the world. Part of the 2018 portfolio is a campus clean energy project, which is designed to provide access to and awareness of renewable energy through green finance initiatives at a number of leading US Universities. Southern Oregon University has already invested in a 56kW solar array on campus that allows the university to power itself with 100 percent renewable energy. The University of Illinois system now offers over 70 sustainability courses.

Since 2014, Signature has been a member of the FTSE4Good Index and has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project. Its dedicated Responsibility team is focused on continuous improvement in environmental performance, and the partnership will play an integral role in helping achieve established objectives


Notes to Editors:

Signature Flight Support, a BBA Aviation plc company, is the world’s largest fixed-base operation (FBO) and distribution network for business aviation services. Signature services include fueling, hangar and office rentals, ground handling, maintenance and a wide range of crew and passenger amenities at strategic domestic and international locations. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Signature currently operates at more than 200 locations in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. For more information, please visit: or on Facebook at  Follow Signature Flight Support on Twitter: SignatureFBO

About Air BP

As the aviation division of BP, Air BP is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. It currently supplies around seven billion gallons of jet kerosene and aviation gasoline each year. Air BP fuels around 6,000 flights every day at more than 800 locations in over 50 countries. Customers include domestic and international airlines, the military, business and private aircraft owners, international airports and airfield operators.

Supporting its fuel offer, Air BP provides a range of services for customers including technical expertise via a complete aviation fuel consultancy service, including the design, build and operation of fuelling facilities, to help customers protect their operations and manage risks. Other services on offer include supporting customers to meet their environmental goals, the Air BP Sterling Card for efficient general aviation refuelling and RocketRoute MarketPlace enabling users to purchase fuel and connect with thousands of ground handlers, FBOs and aviation providers worldwide.

For a full list of locations served by Air BP, go to


About BP Target Neutral

BP Target Neutral is administered by BP as a not-for-profit scheme – BP covers BP Target Neutral’s operating costs. BP Target Neutral’s work is governed by an independent Advisory & Assurance Panel of prominent environmental and industry experts. The panel ensures that all policies and activities conform to best practice in carbon management, and where possible will seek to set new standards for that best practice.

Members of the BP Target Neutral Advisory & Assurance Panel include Mark Kenber, former CEO of the Climate Group, Mike Barry, Director of Plan A, M&S, Rita Clifton CBE, Peter Wheeler, Director, The Nature Conservancy and Tim Smit, Co-Founder Eden Project.

For more information please visit

About Carbon Credits and carbon offset methodology

Carbon credits are tradable certificates that represent one tonne of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) either removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere.  A carbon credit grants the holder the right to claim for that specific environmental benefit. Approved registries give each carbon credit a unique identification number to make sure it doesn’t get double-counted.

Credits can be traded in compliance or voluntary markets. Since GHG reduction projects generate credits, this approach can be used to finance carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the world. BP Target Neutral only buy carbon credits from ICROA approved standards.

Carbon credits are calculated using publicly available Defra data for emissions factors.  The emission factor is multiplied by the amount of fuel for a resulting total emissions number.



Signature Flight Support

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