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Our programme of Events aims to spread the knowledge and expertise of the specialist groups and provide a platform to disseminate knowledge of all things aeronautical to both those working in the aviation and aerospace industry and to the enthusiastic public at large. As a Corporate Partner, you are entitled to discounted attendance at all Conferences. If you have any queries contact the Conference team (conference@aerosociety.com)


Event Description

20 Nov 2017 The General Aviation Group Annual Conference
Full details here
 21 – 22 Nov 2017 Commercialisation of Space: Realising UK Goals for Innovation and Growth
 The 2017 President’s Conference will provide a strategic view of the role of commercial space activities in contributing to government ambitions for innovation and growth in the UK space economy and will give innovators, manufacturers, operators and users the opportunity to engage in an unbiased discussion with government, regulators and investors on the growing impact of commercial space activities to the benefit of the UK economy and society in general and how government ambitions for innovation and growth may be fulfilled.

2017 Medals, Awards and Honours Ceremony (21 November 2017)



27 Nov 17 Turnaround, Technology and the Future of Travel – Brabazon Named Lecture 
Speaker – Alan Joyce FRAeS, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Qantas
Alan will give an insight into how Qantas transformed its business in three years and the part technology played and is playing in supporting sustainable profitability and meeting customer expectations. He will also talk about taking delivery of the state-of-the-art Dreamliner which will connect Australia and Europe in one hop, and how Qantas has set its sights on the last frontier of aviation – the ultra long-haul flight from the east coast of Australia to London or New York.

04 Dec 17 Corporate Partner Parliamentary Reception
Exclusive to Corporate Partners 
The Corporate Partner Parliamentary Reception provides an excellent opportunity for our Corporate Partners to meet and network in a social setting with MPs and Peers from all political parties interested in civil and defence aerospace.

This reception will start at 16:00 (and finish at 18:00) but please allow at least 30 minutes to pass through security.

05 Dec 17 Advancing Aviation, Keeping the Skies Safe – Wilbur & Orville Wright Named Lecture
Speaker – Martin Rolfe FRAeS, Chief Executive Officer, NATS
These are challenging times for air traffic management around the world. Demand is outgrowing supply. In the UK alone, 2017 was a record-breaking year in which volumes reached levels never imagined a few decades ago.

How will NATS adapt to deliver change and which technologies / concepts will be key to ensuring the UK remains a world leader in ATM?

05 Dec 17 Aerospace Innovation Hub – The Future is Now
Starburst Accelerator and the Royal Aeronautical Society welcome you, to join a selected group of start-ups presenting their innovation for aerospace & aviation in London.
More information on Starburst Accelerator

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