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At our recent Flight Ops meeting we discussed the progress of NCC in the UK and what we might do to help the process. Clearly for the majority of our members they will be providing NCC as part of their AOC package, or helping clients to make their submissions to the CAA. If however you become aware of any potential members, or occasional clients that may need help with their NCC status, then please feel free to direct them towards the BBGA.

We are concerned that there are elements of our community who may not understand their position if they fail to meet the terms of their declaration. To be clear it is not the regulator who are at risk in the event of anything happening during NCC operations. If the organisation are undertaking activities which do not follow what they have declared to the regulator, then it is highly likely that they will not be covered  in the event of legal action.

If we can help people in our community to follow the requirements of NCC we should take that step rather than leaving people exposed. Anything you can do to instruct others would be of benefit to our sector in the long term.

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The support given by BBGA was crucial to the eventual successful outcome

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