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IMPORTANT:   New Costs for Aircraft Emissions!  November 2015


One of the many benefits of your membership of BBGA is representation and a voice on IBAC (the International Business Aviation Council).  I am your representative on the Governing Board of IBAC – a role I take particularly seriously.


IBAC sits at the heart of statutory and regulatory consultations and decision making which directly

affects business aviation.  We all know that in general such decision making usually means more cost and more complexity at an operating level.  Doing nothing and leaving such matters to “others” is not a sensible option.  And so, BBGA is a very active contributor and strong voice in IBAC.


Fresh from the ETS experience in Europe, the aviation industry is tasked with the task of preparing a global scheme to achieve carbon neutral growth in aviation by 2020 – and to cut net carbon emissions in half by 2050.


In November 2015 (next month) at a meeting in USA at the NBAA Convention, IBAC will be asked to consider proposals for “carbon offset payments” schemes.  To be your effective representative at that meeting I need your contributions to guide me in what our UK view should be.


Below are just three of many possible options for these costs and payments to be implemented.  I would like your view on these – or indeed of the many others you may have thought about.  While being exempt altogether from any scheme has to be preferred, and has to be our core argument because our industry sector generates only a very small amount of aviation industry carbon, that option is unlikely to be agreed by governments and other industry interests.

Whatever scheme is implemented has to be fair and administratively reliable and uncomplicated.

Option1:   Air navigation charges per filed flight plan should include a cost element based on aircraft type and typical fuel consumption for carbon offset with no other involvement by the aircraft operator.   

Option 2:  A flat rate for carbon offset is paid annually per aircraft irrespective of use.

Option 3:  The operator must separately prepare and file a monthly or quarterly return of flights flown and submit a payment to a scale of charges and then be subject to subsequent audit.


Please note that there is strong resistance to Option 1 from our colleagues in USA where navigation charges as we know them in Europe and elsewhere are not levied.


Please send your thoughts by email to Rachael at the Dorton office

I will be pleased to call you to discuss further if you prefer.


Safe flying



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