BBGA Constitution

BBGA is as a Trade Association and through its Memorandum and Articles of Association is governed by a Council made up of senior executives from our member companies, to whom the Chief Executive, BBGA staff and Committees are responsible.

In order to identify more clearly their specific activities, the association is divided into four groups. Each group has its own elected Committee responsible for formulating recommendations in accordance with their Terms of Reference of which the Chairman and at least one other member would be represented on the Council. By bringing together like minds from within the membership, BBGA is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent and to put those closest to the needs of our industry at the sharp end of negotiations with government, authority and politicians. In this way BBGA has evolved as the respected and effective lobbying force on behalf of British Commercial and General Aviation. The Groups are:

  • Flight Operations Committee
  • Engineering Council
  • Flight Training Committee
  • Membership Committee

When needed ad hoc committees are formed to co-ordinate special campaigns or action on specific areas of interest.


 BBGA is an integral part of the fabric of Business and General Aviation in the UK and also through its affiliation to the EBAA to the EU as a whole.  BBGA is an effective and committed partner for all OEMS aircraft management companies, aviation training organisations and all other associated aviation activities in lobbying the UK Government and UK CAA to enhance both aviation safety and the application of common sense in today’s increasingly complex international regulatory environment.  In short, they are an invaluable voice in making ourselves heard with aviation policy makers in both the UK and EU.
Trevor Esling, VP International Sales,  Cessna Aircraft Company
Membership of the BBGA has brought a wealth of benefits to our company and clearly does this for all of its members.  By providing a properly organised and expert forum the membership of the BBGA ensures that the needs of business and general aviation are considered at every level.  The expertise and experience of the wide variety of members ensures stimulating debates and the capability to present a united front to regulators and government. It is all too easy to sit on the side and say, “Somebody should do something about that.” Well somebody is and we are proud to be a supportive member of this effective organisation. 
James Hardie, Director, ARINC Direct, EMEA & Asia Pacific
We have found that membership of the BBGA has been an important tool for our business as they are involved in all areas of concern, working closely with EASA and the UK CAA to ensure that our sector of industry is properly represented and our needs are recognised and taken into account when new rules are being framed and implemented.  The fact that we get early information about changes to rules etc; means that we can look at these as opportunities rather than threats to our business and plan how to manage them to benefit us.
 The new management team has improved an already excellent service, forging closer ties with other European membership organisations to the benefit of all.
 One area that I believe they provide an outstanding service is training where they are working with government and training organisations, including the National Apprenticeship Service, examining boards, universities and colleges, to ensure that we have the right staff and training provision for our sector and enabling us to benefit from publicly funded appropriate training opportunities.
We have found that the more we become involved the more we benefit from the BBGA service and so it is not just a question of paying the membership fee and sitting back.  I would advise anyone considering BBGA membership to join and to get involved, as the more active members the organisation has the better it can support our industry and the individual companies in it. Carole Leach, Managing Director, Aviation Quality Management Systems
The tenacious and focused support given by the BBGA to TAG Farnborough Airport for its planning application to increase permitted capacity, was crucial to the eventual successful outcome. The BBGA is an important partner for TAG Farnborough and has assisted in creating a more informed environment for business aviation to flourish.
Brandon O’Reilly, Managing Director, TAG Farnborough Airport


‘Our BBGA membership gives us access to an unparalleled repository of knowledge on aviation regulations and practices. If BBGA’s own in-house experts can’t answer a query they know someone who can; right across all of the disciplines of certified general aviation and business aviation too.
BBGA’s ability to bring together all sectors of UK general and business aviation gives us enviable networking access.
Nobody has the ear of the regulator like BBGA and that’s two-way thing; BBGA is not just able to elicit answers from EASA, the CAA and DfT, its advice and recommendations are sought both nationally and supra-nationally too. That makes membership a vital way to influence upcoming policy.’
Stephen Gosling – Chief Executive
Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd